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Newport Beach August 2014 The Wedge

The Wedge Newport Beach August 2014

Normally, I just publish videos about San Diego California custom motorcycles. But, Southern California is the surfing capital of the U.S., and surfing is a sport just like motorcycling, They both provide an adrenaline rush, excitement, adventure and the possibility of serious injury.

So, when I heard that because of a hurricane off of Mexico, Southern California beaches were expecting huge waves, I researched the best place to check them out. Because of the direction of the swells, the undisputed location to be at, was The Wedge in Newport Beach, California. Read more »


2014 Pacific Beach Motorcycle Show – Best in Show Motorcycle

 Best in Show Motorcycle

The custom motorcycle is a 2006 Big Bear chopper Pro Street Sled 300. Video taken at the Pacific Beach California – Hot Rod and Motorcycle show 2014.

This show features some of the best classic cars, lowriders, hot rods, rat rods, hot rod trucks, Hollywood show cars, monster trucks, drag racers and San Diego motorcycles.

This Big Bear chopper is one real good looking motorcycle. Here are a few additional photos of the chopper: Read more »


2014 California Motorcycle & Hot Rod Show

 2014 California Motorcycle & Hot Rod Show

The engine blowup contest . . . The oil is drained from a car engine and than it is run until it explodes or stops.

Whoever came the closest to the actual run time wins half the total amount paid into the contest.

This is just one the events that go on during the show. This popular Pacific Beach show is one of the best of it’s kind in San Diego. The show has about 300 hot rods and a small but growing number of custom motorcycles. For my motorcycle readers, Read more »


Pacific Beach San Diego Motorcycle & Hot Rod Show 2014

San Diego Motorcycle & Hot Rod Show 2014

This is on of the best motorcycle & hot rod shows in Southern California. It’s free to the public, apprx. 300 cars and always some cool looking motorcycles, just a block to the beach and on-going entertainment!

Good looking cars, cool motorcycles, hot babes, free entertainment and just a block to the beach . . . Read more »


San Diego Motorcycle Show

 San Diego Motorcycle Show

Pacific Beach bike showdown & Hot Rod show Sunday, August 24, 2014.

The best hot rod & motorcycle show in San Diego! Read more »


Daytona Bike Week 2014

 Daytona Bike Week 2014

All the HOT stuff you want to see for 2014. Hot Bodies, cool bikes and crazy fun. Capture the feeling of the Bike Week Experience. Main St,, Dirty Harry’s,, Main St Station, and The Living Deads Band. Choppers, Baggers and Sport Bikes cruising all day long.

Thunder alley Bikinis and coleslaw wrestling.. Music: The William Tell Overture revs things up.. ENJOY! Read more »


San Diego Custom Motorcycles @ Comic-Con 2014

 San Diego Custom Motorcycles – Comic-Con 2014

San Diego custom motorcycles on 5th. Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown.

Estimated Comic-Con attendance is about 130,000! The San Diego’s convention center has been at capacity and is being expanded over the next several years to accommodate more visitors to convention Read more »


Ironhorse Texas Chopper for sale

 2005 Ironhorse Texas Chopper for sale

2005 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper with only apx. 12,591 miles! Just $11,999
If interested, email:

See additional photos: Read more »


Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle

Project LiveWire New Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson has taken the wraps off a top-secret electric motorcycle prototype — a rocket ship they call the LiveWire.

I’ll borrow  Willies own words to this electric bike project. (summarized from the V-4 project back in 1979) If it don’t sound like a HD, we will not build/sell it.
.DO NOT expect it to come to market.

53 Miles per charge? Some Harley riders have said the target market for this concept was probably the new age limp wrist metro-sexual male because this is nothing more but a castrated Harley… That’s a glorified Vespa. Who would’ve thought that the Harley of the future would sound like my girlfriends blow dryer? Read more »


Bagger Motorcycle Wheelie!

Badass Bagger Motorcycle Wheelie

The baddest wheelie I’ve ever seen on a Harley Davidson custom bagger:

Baddest Bagger Wheelie!!!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

In vehicle acrobatics, a wheelie, or wheelstand,is a vehicle maneuver in which the front wheel or wheels come off the ground due to sufficient torque being applied to the rear wheel or wheels,or rider motion relative to the vehicle. Wheelies are usually associated with bicycles and motorcycles, but can be done with other vehicles such as cars, especially in drag racing.  Read more »