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Harley Electric Motorcycle

Confirmed a new Harley electric motorcycle

Well, it’s been a little over two years since Harley announced and debuted it’s Project Livewire electric motorcycle. At that time, and just up to a few weeks ago, Harley-Davison had stated that it was a concept motorcycle. Now, Harley-Davison has just announced that they will definitively be producing an electric motorcycle. What is still up in the air though, is exactly when the general public will see this electric Harley added to their production bikes.

I’m sure most riders and the general public for that matter, think that  an electric motorcycle is a new concept but actually the first electric motorcycle was patented in the United States in 1897! Bill Davidson the great grandson of William Davidson, the founder of Harley-Davidson  stated recently, that just like their gas powered motorcycles have a very unique sound, they’re working to make their electric motorcycle to have a unique sound that will be totally different than their competitors. Naturally, it’s not going to sound like our current gas powered Harleys, but more like a jet turbine engine! Read more »


American Ironhorse Tejas Model

American Ironhorse Tejas Model

When new, this moidel sold for approximately $28,995. Don’t get too excited, American Ironhorse went out of business in 2008. Because most of their bikes look like one off custom machines, they still remain in high demand in the resale market. I believe a huge factor in their continued high demand, besides their ultra-cool look, was the fact that they chose the American-made S&S engine to power all their motorcycles. Many other motorcycle manufacturers and custom builders went with imported V-twin engines, that most bikers consider way inferior when compared to the S&S engine.

This bike like most of the American Ironhorse line, came standard with the 111-inch S&S engine. AIH offered two other options: a 117-inch ($1,000) or a 124-inch ($2,000) motor. American Ironhorse opened for business in 1995. American Ironhorse was the largest factory producer of custom motorcycles in the United States until production ended in 2008. Read more »


California Motorcycle Traffic

California Motorcycle Traffic

Last month this site had over 21,200 unique visitors!

California motorcycle traffic

For the last six months this site has had well over 21,000 unique visitors per month! I’d like to say thanks to all those visitors who are new to the site as well as my long time motorcycle site subscribers. With a motorcycle riding season fully underway now,, I just want to say that we have plans for a lot more do-it-yourself motorcycle maintenance and tips and naturally new motorcycle riding videos. Read more »


Motorcycle gas tank leak repair tip

Motorcycle gas tank leak repair tip

Most motorcycles have steel gas tanks and over time the corrosive nests of the gas and oxidation on the inside of the tank can result in slow gas leaks.

When this occurs, most motorcycle riders opt to fix the tank rather than replace. It would seem that the most popular fix is with an internal gas tank liquid type epoxy liner.

If you’re thinking of doing this to your bike, watch this video because it can save you having to repaint your gas tank! Read more »


California Car Show

California Car Show – The Cajon Classic Cruze

California hot rod shows – This is the 2017 open for the weekly ‘Cajon Classic Cruze’ auto show.

There are couple of things that are unique about the show, are a couple of things. First of all, starting in mid April, it’s everyone’s the evening from 5 PM to about 8 PM until the end of October.

The second thing that makes this show unique, is the fact that it’s totally free to enter your vehicle. Naturally, it’s also free for the spectators. Yes, this is sponsored by the local merchants, Chamber of Commerce and a local casino. Read more »


American Chopper

American Chopper

Starting in 2003, American Chopper dominated reality television for ten years, giving a look at the inside workings of Orange County Choppers with a mix of competition and drama that provided a model for all reality shows that have followed.

Unlike most so-called reality shows, though, the fighting, cursing, crying, welding, and painting on American Chopper was real. Read more »


Motorcycle Videos

Motorcycle Videos

I I like photography and videography, and as you can see below, I produced 206 motorcycle videos that I placed on YouTube and here on my website. I recently took a look at the statistics page on YouTube and was surprised to see how many people look at my videos in the last 28 days!

motorcycle videos

The watch time of my videos in just 28 days was over 36,000 minutes! obviously this is over 600 hours of people watching my videos in just 28 days! Wow, that certainly is impressive! Also you’ll see in the above graphic that over 17,300 people viewed my videos in the last 28 days! Read more »


Boardwalk Custom Bike Show

The Boardwalk Custom Bike Show in Daytona Beach Florida

The Hater 3 – Diesel powered Lay Frame 30 Inch Motorcycle
Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017, Most Expensive Custom Bikes at The Boardwalk Custom Bike Show in Daytona Beach Florida.

Lots of fabulous bikes, a little bit of Main Street, and a couple of bikinis. Everything you need for viewing pleasure. Read more »


Arizona Bike Week 2017

Arizona Bike Week 2017

Arizona Bike Week celebrated its 21st anniversary this year.

Lots of bikes and fun stuff to do. Races to watch, stunt shows. Just an all around good time.

At the in-site concert venue, the RockYard, delivered some incredible shows from some of the greatest rock legends of all time.

This year’s lineup includes Bret Michaels,  Alice Cooper with CO-OP, Korn, and Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

There were a number of charity rides and fundraisers that went on during the event that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to a variety of worthy causes. Read more »


California biker events

Cajon Cruze – California biker events

The famous Cajon Classic Cruise is back again this year in the heart of El Cajon California every Wednesday evening from about 5 PM to 8 PM. This show is not only Hot-Rods and motorcycles but also vintage cars and racing cars. This video was done at the opening night for the show. The motorcycles have their own special parking area just near the center of the show.

What’s unusual about this show is that it’s totally free for participants as well as spectators! You can enter your motorcycle or Hot-Rod and actually win a trophy  at absolutely no cost! And that’s not all, right before the trophies are handed out they have a little local entertainment for the crowd.

Yes, if your car or motorcycle enthusiast  you definitely should go to one of the shows – – I mean, come on,  this is Southern California, so before everybody’s forced to ride electric vehicles and scooters, cruise over to the Cajon Classic Cruise and see some real muscle vehicles!

Read more »