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Military Tribute Custom Motorcycles

Armed Forces Motorcycles

Military Tribute Custom Motorcycles

Five Armed Forces tribute bikes were featured at the 2015 Long Beach, California motorcycle show. in addition to these bikes Geico Insurance displayed an Orange County choppers custom built Armed Forces tribute bike.

The Army tribute bike was built by Jay Allen and friends. Jay is a motorcycle industry icon, he is the creator of the world renowned Broken Spoke Saloon and founder of Jay Allen’s roadshow. Read more »


California choppers

California choppers

This is our second video on the Long Beach California 2015 motorcycle show. In this video we feature some of the best looking chopper is that the show.

This Orange County motorcycle show occurred on January 10, 2015 and is one of the larger bike shows in Southern California. Read more »


Arizona Motorcycle Ride

Arizona Motorcycle Ride – Footnote

2007 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper  Arizona Motorcycle Ride

2007 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper

This is a footnote to my 1-9-15 post about my Texas Chopper ride from the Phoenix Arizona area to San Diego:

When I was in Gilbert, Arizona, I noticed that the regular gas price was substantially cheaper than what it was that morning in San Diego. Now, because I go to Arizona quite often, I know this is always the case. Once you cross over the Colorado River the gas price usually drops by $. 30 or $.40 a gallon. This is due mainly to the high California state taxes and fees that are levied on every gallon of gas.

But in Chandler, Arizona we ran into a number of gas stations selling regular gas around a 1.91 per gallon. That morning at one of my San Diego neighborhood competitive gas stations the best price was $2.59. Read more »


Motorcycle Traffic December 2014

Our San Diego motorcycle blog traffic.

Motorcycle Traffic December 2014

For December 2014 we once again went over 16,000 unique visitors to the site!

San Diego motorcycle traffic

monthly unique visitors

Now, we’re not talking about hits here were talking about, usually real people visiting the site. Whether you’re using the computer smart phone or tablet, one on the Internet your device has a unique IP address. Our site council the number of visits. Based on this IP address in a 24-hour period. Read more »


Motorcycle Show Orange County California

Motorcycle Show  Orange County California

1st. motorcycle show in Southern California in 2015.

This was the Easyrider show at the Long Beach convention Center in California on 1-10-15.  I know number of bikers from San Diego and other parts of the Orange County that had to change their plans to ride their bikes up to the show. That was because, around 10 o’clock, as we passed Camp Pendleton heading toward the show, it started to rain and the rain continued on all the way up to the show location.

Naturally, because of their popularity, the show was dominated by baggers Read more »


San Diego Texas Chopper Motorcycle Ride

 San Diego Texas Chopper Motorcycle Ride

This is a video about my ride from Gilbert, Arizona to San Diego on the first weekend in January 2015. Personally, for me, this was the coldest weather that I ever rode a motorcycle!

I was in Arizona to purchase this American Ironhorse 2007 Texas Chopper. I knew it was gonna be cold this weekend but I just couldn’t make arrangements to go midweek when I knew it was going to be warmer. Actually, this trip was on the first Sunday in January, and by Wednesday, the temperature at least here in San Diego was 80°!

I started this ride and the temperature was in the mid-30s!

Read more »


American Ironhorse 2007 Texas Chopper

American Ironhorse 2007 Texas Chopper

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

American IronHorse was an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1995 by Tim Edmundson and Bill Rucker.[1] At one time, AIH was the largest factory producer of custom motorcycles in the USA. Their 224,000-square-foot (20,800 m2) factory was located in Fort Worth, Texas, and housed the complete manufacturing process under a single roof. Although most (305) parts for the bikes were made in-house, such as the seats and wheels, all American IronHorse motorcycles were built with S&S engines and were assembled in-house. In Spring 2008, American Ironhorse ceased production on all cycles and most company assets were liquidated at auction

I have owned a few of these great motorcycles. I started with a 2004 and than a 2005 and now ride a 2006 with the rare chrome package. Read more »


Biker Lady

Biker Lady San Diego California

Many ladies are getting into motorcycle riding. This is especially true in places like San Diego, California and southern Florida, where the weather is conducive to motorcycling almost all year round.

Even with that said, it’s still rare to find a good-looking lady rider on a large bike, who can do our own regular maintenance.

San Diego biker lady – Mandy:

biker lady

Here is a little know fact about women motorcycle riders – – – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Read more »


10 Cool Custom Motorcycles

10 Cool Custom Motorcycles

Now, who doesn’t like to look at cool looking motorcycles?

Many motorcycle enthusiast customize their motorcycles to express their individuality and creativity. Only the most skilled metal fabricators create true custom motorcycles. Read more »


Big Dog K9 Review

Big Dog K9 review

American Ironhorse Texas Chopper vs Big Dog K9 motorcycles.

My impressions from owning & riding these two fine factory built chopper motorcycles.

This is the second video in a series, comparing my impressions of owning and riding the American Ironhorse Texas Chopper & Big Dog K9 motorcycles

The Big Dog K9 is a 2009 model, and the American Ironhorse Texas Chopper is a 2006 model.

The focus of this video is a difference between the hydraulic clutch on the Texas Chopper as it compared to the mechanical clutch on the Big Dog K9.

This was the first big dog motorcycle that I owned. So, I was wondering why it had a mechanical clutch being that it was a 2009 model,, when my American Ironhorse Texas Chopper 2006 model had an hydraulic clutch. Read more »