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CA Motorcycle Crash

CA Motorcycle Crash

Scary California motorcycle crash lane splitting. This California motorcycle rider was very lucky to escape death or serious injury.

I lane split during rush hour but only when other traffic is almost completely stationary. When its moving faster than 20 to 30 miles an hour ill take the lane again. Lane splitting can be dangerous and you should be very alert but being rear ended when last in the traffic jam is no fun either on a bike. And you dont have a small vehicle to stand in line like an idiot in a cage. Its meant to be used as a nimble vehicle and that means lane splitting and filtering.  Luckily lane splitting is legal in California. Read more »


Motorcycle Riders in Buffalo Stampede

Motorcycle Riders and Buffalos

Motorcycle riding through Custer State Park … Buffalo stampede toward motorcycle riders.

One of the real benefits of motorcycle riding is that you’re out there right in the middle of nature without having the cage in feel of a car. Read more »


Motorcycle Catches Fire

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Catches Fire on Highway

Turns out the Harley rider had a bag strapped to his rear seat and it came loose and got caught in the rear wheel.

The sport bike rider uses his camelbak filled with gatorade to put the fire out. Read more »


Street Motorcycle Accident

Street Motorcycle Accident

Street bike wheelie crash caught on camera from 2 different angles during annual MOM Middle Of The Map 2015 street stunt ride in Kansas City, MO. Watch as stunt bike rider gets owned in epic fail while riding wheelie performing illegal stunts on the highway. Street Motorcycle Accident jerk:

The biker is riding a highchair wheelie when the sport bike shuts off unexpectedly in the middle of the trick at high speeds causing the stunt bike rider to mouse trap and fly over the handlebars of his motorbike. This then causes huge crash on busy highway in heavy traffic from other motorcyclist and automobiles. The motorcycle seen wrecking in this video is a 2003-2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 ZX6R custom build an setup from performing stunts and tricks as seen in this video footage.

This video clip serves as a great reminder to always wear the proper protective or safety gear when riding a motorcycle or attempting any stunts remember to wear protective or safety gear such as full face helmet, leather or mess jacket, back or spin protective vest, gloves, leather boots, and long pants because as you can see from this video something can go wrong in the blink of eye causing even the best riders to crash hard and get owned.

From my point of view as an older ‘sane’ motorcycle rider:

Read more »


Gal Rescued by Motorcyclists

Gal Rescued by Motorcyclists

How did she even get in that situation? Did she try to cut the turn a little short or what? What she’d texting and not watching the road? This could’ve been much worse if it rolled over and down the ditch. I wonder if she knows how lucky she was that these two bikers happen by just at the right time?

Nice to see bikers helping out a damsel in distress.

Gal Rescued by Motorcyclists

Sexy Angry Biker Girl

Biker Girl Fights Litter Bugs

Biker girl has her own way to fight street litter bugs, but, this is definitely not in the United States or she would have been shot or ran over.

Now, I should add that I personally think this is so fake it’s embarrassing.

What makes this female think she has the right to try and exact some kind of revenge? That’s not your job sweetheart. Just live your life and when you ride by an asshole like that, just give them the finger! Read more »


Aggressive Bikers Attack than get PayBack

Aggressive Bikers get payback

You just don’t mess with Russian car drivers, something bikers in Russia learn very soon.

Riding a bike doesn’t make you a celebrity or special, you try to open my car door, you’re going to get shot, no warning.

1:58 Wing mirror attached. 2:00 Wing mirror knocked off.  The time stamp in the bottom right corner jumps from 21 seconds to 23 seconds. Poor attempt to edit out a crucial part of the video where the biker obviously snaps the wing mirror off, that’s what made the car driver flip out. If you look carefully as the car pulls away at 2:00 you can see the side mirror hanging off (it’s in shadow) meaning the biker had just kicked it or something. Read more »


Biker Babes – HAPPY NEW YEAR

Biker Babes

biker gals

A collection of some of the Hottest Biker Babes on the Planet who Love motorcycles.

Whether you call them biker babes, biker gals, cycle gals, motorcycle mamas or motorcycle ladies, it seems that a lot of good-looking ladies are attracted to the motorcycle culture.

Whether it’s the acceleration of motorcycle riding or just the counterculture thing, good-looking, high-powered motorcycles seem to attract hot looking babes.

To give my readers a little treat, and to start the new year off right, here’s a video that has some great eye candy . . . not only the biker babes but also the good-looking bikes themselves!

What red-blooded American doesn’t like to look at a cool looking custom motorcycle whether standing still or traveling down the highway? Now, the exact same can be said for a hot looking woman whether standing next to a good looking bike or riding a bike. Read more »


Happy Motorcycle New Year

Motorcycle New Year

Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year.

All of us at want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and
support in 2015. We look forward to being a part of your success in 2016!



Motorcycle Road Rage

Motorcycle Road Rage Gets Physical

The helmet camera used in this video is NOT a GoPro, but a Drift HD Ghost action camera.
Driver of the car apparently broke his ankle when he went to the ground, which is why I’m told he did not go to jail. He has multiple charges against him including endangerment, threatening, and assault. Myself and the police officers I spoke with clearly believe he was under the influence of something. Court date pending.

Update 07/13/15: Police department officials have told me that they are still waiting for blood test results to come back to determine what if anything was in the guys system, I will keep everyone posted. Read more »