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January 31, 2017

Car Driver Attacked by Bikers

by biker1

Car Driver Attacked by bikers

These motorcycle gangs are out of control. now they’re forcing people to get married if you cut them off! Everyone knows almost half of all marriages end in divorce, so these gangsters just cost this guy half of everything he’ll ever own. the poor guy would’ve been happier with just a biker beat down. What a bunch of jerks.

Of all the places to propose, in the middle of the street is not exactly very romantic.

It would have been really sad twist, if her boyfriend didn’t know that she had a gun in her bag … and then shot a couple of the motorcyclists!

What a great way to make yourself look manly and hard before proposing.

Now if this was here in San Diego California, some good modifications of this would be that: 1st. It should have happened in the middle of Balboa Park with some nice scenery around. #2.  When the driver gets thrown on the hood of the car he fights back and knocks down at least two/three of the bikers … Gets his girlfriend and says let’s run thru the park. #3. Now the Mariachi band comes out from the bushes, the flowers come out of the trunk and on the grass he does the proposal.

Car Driver Attacked 

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