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February 2, 2018

How To Pick Up A Dropped Motorcycle

by biker1

A demonstration of how to pick up a dropped motorcycle the easy way!

A Haley-Davidson representative doing this demonstration. How to tip your Harley back up when you drop it! Keep in mind that if you been riding a long time they say it’s not if you ever drop your bike but when you drop your bike!

On big dress bikes,. what really helps is the crash bars and bags not letting the bike actually get laid all the way over. When a bike is laying all the way on its side with no crash bar or bags to keep it at about a 45 degree angle it is definitely a lot harder to get back up.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle - How To Pick Up A Dropped Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson motorcycle

The point of this is that you don’t “lift” a big bike, you “roll” it over to upright. It’s better to use the small of your back against the saddle (if you can get it down that far) and lift with your legs, not pull with your arms (she sat on the saddle and pulled with her arms).

Also, it helps to grab the front brake while doing this to keep the bike from wanting to roll forward. This is also where bystanders can help – show them what is safe to grab on to and help stabilize the bike as you lift it. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, the procedure is the same, and yes, I’ve righted it from both sides.

This is made easier when the bike has front and rear crash bars that it lands on when you tip over, so it only goes over about 45 degrees. If it keeps rolling over the crash bars you’ll start breaking windshields and such, but you just lift it back over to the crash bars and proceed. (Of course, if you’re that bad off it may be the tow truck driver that’s doing it).

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How To Pick Up A Dropped Motorcycle

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