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January 28, 2018


Kickstarting a Motorcycle

by biker1

Kickstarting a Motorcycle – I certainly remember those days!

Since I started riding in the 1960s I remember well kickstarting Harleys! You really had to have your bike all tuned up and be careful not to flood the engine. Even then, sometimes you had to jump on the pedal 10 or 12 times to get the engine running. This video is shows a gal kickstarting a Harley Ironhead. this bike or gal definitely has perseverance and a great never give up mentality!

It would be easier if she straddled the bike and stood on the left peg instead of kicking it sidesaddle.

You gotta kick an Ironhead way harder than a Shovel. She just ain’t heavy enough!

Kickstarting a Motorcycle

Army tribute bike - Kickstarting a Motorcycle

Her boyfriend should really tune up the bike, or else don’t let her do this that often, or her right leg will get huge, and she’s gonna walk in circles!

Jeeze girl, stop twisting the throttle so much, you’re pumping a shot of gas in every time! Might want to consider thicker head gaskets to lighten the compression a tad, and a good tuneup of the ignition. It should start easier than that!

Your leg needs to be straight and locked at the knee. Most of your force is being absorbed by the bending knee which acts like a shock absorber. Remember lock your leg straight and throw all your weight up and then down.

I have been kicking for many years too. The best way I have found is to put you left knee on the seat, keep the bars turned towards the kick stand (a longer kickstand would have probably helped her), and once you’re on compression stroke you can put weight on the knee to raise your body up high and then get a full body kick with all the ass you got! I had a pan shovel that was printed, balanced, ported, polished and a big cam kit. It ended up being around 82 cubic in (I could be off. I can’t remember for some stupid reason…oh, age!) straight piper and 4 speed with baker/timpken inerds.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle

She was a very high compression and was a bitch…she literally had her time of the month and would severely piss me off! After the 472nd kick on a cold morning she would light up and throw flames! She had a taller 4th gear and could run about 80 without being rapped out but first gear…I was never beat, even by ricers, never beat from the line to about 40mph! Once I banged second gear that was it…my buddies would love to get me in races at the bar. Guys on their $50k baggers would laugh at my police special/ special construction, It looked like a crodd between Dennis Hopper and Henry Fonda’s bikes. Very mechanical and you see all the working parts, wires, mouse trap, lines, etc. They liked the bike and would be blown away (literally) of how quick the bike was…I got many of beers from that old girl. I miss her too…wahhhhh…long ass story, My bad! I started typing and brought out some cool memories…just like this good looking woman will have for the rest of her life. cheers!

For more information on kickstarting a motorcycle visit, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Kickstarting a Motorcycle

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  1. Jan 31 2018

    The problem is the jeans were too tight, I see this happen a lot, she needs to be wearing a thong to get the full stroke and be able to follow through with the kick. please have her try it again in the appropriate starting gear and post. thanks

  2. Jan 31 2018

    Any woman that will kick over a iron head sportster has my respect. Get after it miss!

  3. Jan 31 2018

    Imagine zombie apocalypse “honey, go and get our harley, i will keep them busy”. 3 mins later you are propably one of zombies, already eating your girlfriend :D

  4. Jan 31 2018

    That was cool.. She never gave up.. Most guys woulda been too whooped to ride after all that.. Old School..Nothing sounds better.. When ya can get them to start..


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