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December 6, 2017


Motorcycle Accident Gear

by Laura B.

Always ride with the proper protective Motorcycle Accident Gear!

This video shows not a very fast speed motorcycle accident, but the motorcycle rider doesn’t have any shirt nor pants. This is what happens when you don’t wear proper motorcycle gear. Please be aware that video contains footage of blood and wounds.

1) This is why you wear all the gear, all the time.

2) This is why you ride within your limits and skill level.

Orange County motorcycle accident - Motorcycle Accident GearMotorcycle Accident Gear

3) This is why proper body positioning is SO damn important. If you going to go that fast around a corner that sharp, you have to hang off, otherwise you are going to lowside like he did.

4) Ride within your limits, people. And wear your gear. It may be hot in the summer wearing jeans and a jacket… But it’s A LOT hotter sliding across asphalt at 80 mph.

Be smart, ride safe.

Motorcycle Accident Gear


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  1. Jan 31 2018

    Any tips for a Harley beginner?

  2. Jan 31 2018

    What happened to the safety gear?

  3. Jan 31 2018

    It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you are wearing something. :D


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