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1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

A legendary motorcycle. I love these machines! Kick starting a 1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead.

The knucklehead is a retronym used by enthusiasts to refer to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine, so named because of the distinct shape of the rocker boxes. The engine is a two-cylinder, 45 degree, pushrod actuated overhead valve V-twin engine with two valves per cylinder.

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S&S Motorcycle Old School Buildoff

S&S Motorcycle Engine Old School Buildoff

This video is the conclusion of the S&S Old School Shovelhead buidoff.

Personally, being into custom choppers for many many years, I think the S&S motorcycle engine is without a doubt, the best the twin motorcycle engine available! I’ve seen many custom-built choppers where one-of-a-kind rolling art work creations look magnificent but for some unknown reason the builder decided to put in some imported, dubious quality the twin engine. Read more »


DIY Motorcycle Drive Belt Tension

Checking motorcycle drive belt tension deflection.

Regularly inspecting the drive belt and ensuring it has the correct amount of deflection is important to the life of the belt and also to the other drive train components on your motorcycle.

Most motorcycle final drive belts are designed to require minimal maintenance and adjustment but to also last a very long time. These belts typically last much longer than any chain drive and if properly cared for and maintained can last the lifetime of the motorcycle. Read more »


Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles – A Company in Decline?

The problems facing Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The main problem with Harley-Davidson comes down to cost. They are just too damn expensive!

The motorcycle cruiser market is in the same place the car market was back in the day . . . import cars were cheap but viewed as low standard and inferior to American vehicles…nobody viewed them as a threat. Then the big three got complacent and stopped innovating making crap lemons while charging top dollar. Then imports quietly crept up improving, quality, power,looks and reliability and surpassed them. Then American cars were viewed as inferior. They are making a comeback slowly.

I see Harley Davidson going throught the exact same thing.These import cruisers are serious contenders. Harley-Davidson still has the name but consumers are getting smarter. Other import brands catch loyal customers a lot younger. Read more »


San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn

San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn

This is a real motorcycle crash and burn on the freeway. This motorcycle accident happened while going north on Highway 805 just before the 805 and 15 split, at about  9:30 AM.

The story is if you watch my shadow I lean left to move over lanes because the VW Golf is going about 40-45 MPH and without using his indicator he starts to move over as well. So I lean right to get back into my lane, but the guy does the same thing. I let go of my throttle and all I could do is slam my brakes and hope for best. SKIP TO 2:20 in the video if you just want to see the crash. Read more »


S&S T143 Motor

S&S T143 Motor

This engine has massive torque right off idle. If you are used to a stock bike it can get out of control.

This is a BIG motor with all the extra care and feeding that goes with it. Not something you’d want to ride in a parade or down Main St. during the Sturgis rally.

Here’s the official description of this motor from S&S: Read more »


Born Free Motorcycle Rally

Born Free Motorcycle Rally 2017

“The” place for old and young from all over the world to ride in, see, and talk about old iron for one day. Born-Free 9 brought together tens of thousands of eager spectators and participants as well as over 150 vendors and sponsors, live music!

The Born-Free Motorcycle Show held at the Oak Canyon Ranch. This California motorcycles show is about the love of old motorcycles and like-minded individuals having a good time together and enjoying these bikes of the past. Read more »


Motorcycle repair San Diego

Motorcycle repair San Diego – Big Dog – American Ironhorse – S&S engines

Check out Wild Steed Worx in Northern San Diego County in Valley Center California.

If you are a motorcycle owner who lives in San Diego County, well actually anyplace in Southern California, and wants to find the best place for motorcycle service and repair, you owe it to yourself, and your bike, to check out Wild Steed Worx in Valley Center, California.

Curtis, the owner of Wild Steed Worx & Services, is a long time Big Dog Motorcycle rider & mechanic. Read more »


LA Motorcyclist crash

LA Motorcyclist crash freeway

The bike rider didn’t cause the accident, the moron who tried to kill him with the car and can’t drive did. You never try to run anybody off the road and you never try to run over somebody on a motorcycle!

The retard in the Nissan was completely in the wrong for crossing the double-double yellow line in the first place – no doubt the biker was shocked and lashed out after being almost hit by someone who is obviously too stupid to live in modern society.

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Motorcycle 4th of July

Happy Motorcycle 4th of July!

Next to old glory herself with fireworks in the sky, today, nothing personifies individual freedom like a motorcycle riding down an open highway!

Even with the popularity of motorcycle riding, actually, just a very small percentage of people will ever experience the feeling of cruising down a highway, riding through the mountains and past the open fields and small towns of our great country!

Independence Day fireworks are often accompanied by patriotic songs such as the national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner,”, “God Bless America,”, “America the Beautiful,” “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,” “This Land Is Your Land,” “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and, regionally, “Yankee Doodle” in northeastern states and “Dixie” in southern states. Read more »