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Arizona Bike Week 2017

Arizona Bike Week 2017

Arizona Bike Week celebrated its 21st anniversary this year.

Lots of bikes and fun stuff to do. Races to watch, stunt shows. Just an all around good time.

At the in-site concert venue, the RockYard, delivered some incredible shows from some of the greatest rock legends of all time.

This year’s lineup includes Bret Michaels,  Alice Cooper with CO-OP, Korn, and Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

There were a number of charity rides and fundraisers that went on during the event that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to a variety of worthy causes. Read more »


California biker events

Cajon Cruze – California biker events

The famous Cajon Classic Cruise is back again this year in the heart of El Cajon California every Wednesday evening from about 5 PM to 8 PM. This show is not only Hot-Rods and motorcycles but also vintage cars and racing cars. This video was done at the opening night for the show. The motorcycles have their own special parking area just near the center of the show.

What’s unusual about this show is that it’s totally free for participants as well as spectators! You can enter your motorcycle or Hot-Rod and actually win a trophy  at absolutely no cost! And that’s not all, right before the trophies are handed out they have a little local entertainment for the crowd.

Yes, if your car or motorcycle enthusiast  you definitely should go to one of the shows – – I mean, come on,  this is Southern California, so before everybody’s forced to ride electric vehicles and scooters, cruise over to the Cajon Classic Cruise and see some real muscle vehicles!

Read more »


Biker women BikeWeek

Biker women BikeWeek Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach BikeWeek 2017 was a winner. Main St., Cabbage Patch, Tropical Tattoo and more. Interesting interviews from bikers from several parts of the planet as well as locals.

This sure looked like a fun event! Thousands of every type of motorcycles, good looking biker woman, sharp custom motorcycles, scantily clad ladies and  lots of outstanding racks! Read more »


How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks

How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks

 DIY motorcycle cylinder oil leak repair

Easy fix for motorcycle engine oil leaks. This simple, inexpensive and fast motorcycle engine oil leak repair is definitely something you should consider doing if you can’t bring your bike into a motorcycle mechanic for gasket replacements.

Yes, for just a few bucks  you may be able to stop that small annoying motorcycle engine oil drip. Naturally, you should understand that this exterior repair will most likely just be temporary. How long this repair will last in time or mileageis impossible to say since each motorcycle engine is quite different and each oil leak is also not standard. Read more »


Daytona Beach Bike Week

Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017

First Day of Daytona Beach Bike Week on Main Street. . .   Budweiser Horses. Bikers, Cops, Girls.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Daytona Beach Bike Week, also called Daytona Bike Week, is a motorcycle event and rally held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. Approximately 500,000 people make their way to the rally area for the 10-day event. The festivities include motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals. The event is usually held on the first full week of March and contends with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States. Read more »


Harley-Davidson Stock Slides

Harley-Davidson Stock & and revenue both hit the skids in the first quarter of 2017

Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson StockHarley-Davidson motorcycles Incorporated just reported their first-quarter earnings for 2017. Unfortunately, it looks like Harley-Davidson is a pretty big speedbump in its revenues and stock price.

Yes,  the first quarter revenue for Harley-Davidsonfell by 14% as a motorcycle icon’s retail sales were soft in both the USA and abroad. Yesterday, Harley-Davidson shares on the New York Stock Exchange also fell, by approximately 4% to $57.07. The earnings per share for Harley tumbled on a year-over-year comparison, by 23%. Read more »


2017 Harley Davidson Commercial

2017 Harley Davidson Commercial

Yes, I really have to give Harley-Davidson a big thumbs up on this commercial. I think they did a great job not only promoting their brand but also motorcycling in general.

A huge percentage of the airtime was taken up with the blonde model rider. I think this did two things, first was implied that riding motorcycles is very sexy and second, and perhaps more importantly, show that riding big motorcycles is not exclusively for guys. Read more »


Motorcycle Synthetic Motor Oil – Worth the cost?

Motorcycle Synthetic Motor Oil

Although this video applies to automotive synthetic oil, the principles and conclusion drawn are equally applicable to motorcycle engines. I think this one video answers the ongoing question  of if it’s worth the additional cost to put synthetic motor oil in your motorcycle.

The viscosity of an oil is its resistance to flow. A greater viscosity means more resistance to flow, or a thicker oil. A lower viscosity means a thinner oil.

Before understanding the benefits of synthetic motor oils, like this Pennzoil Platinum derived from natural gas, we first need to understand the rating system used for motor oils. You’ll often hear 5W-30, or 0W-20 as ratings used in cars today. These are multi-grade viscosity oils, meaning their viscosity grade changes with temperature. The first number, followed by a W, is the cold rating (W stands for Winter), and this means the oil behaves like an SAE 5 grade motor oil (using 5W-30 as the example) while cold, but at operating temperature, at about 100 degrees C, it operates like an SAE 30 grade motor oil. Read more »


San Diego Motorcycles Web Traffic

San Diego Motorcycles Web Traffic

Just last month in March we had over 23,400 unique visitors to this site!

San Diego Motorcycles Web TrafficI’m writing this post on April 2, 2017, and as the stats for the site are updated at the end of the day, so you can see that for yesterday, April 1 alone, we had 966 unique visitors!

So, once again I like to say thanks to all my readers and loyal subscribers.

If you’re in the San Diego area,  and have a unique bike, contact me I be glad to take some photos and maybe even do an interview and publish it here on the site. Read more »


Motorcycle Gals

Motorcycle Gals

Who doesn’t really like to look at good-looking bikes and good-looking ladies? this is a five-minute slideshow type video of good-looking ladies posing with an assortment of good looking motorcycles.

Personally, I think it’s true . . .  good-looking big bikes attract good-looking ladies! I guess the same is true for good-looking hot rods or Lamborghinis or Corvettes!

Also, there can be no doubt that a lot of ladies are attracted to the ‘bad boy’ type image some motorcycle riders represent. Maybe the attraction also has to do with that adventurous spirit motorcycle riders represent  . . .  The exact opposite from the standard toyota prius/transgender bathroom/Disneyland masses. Read more »