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California Custom Motorcycle Traffic

This site had over  24,700 unique visitors in May and was the highest in the last seven months!

California Custom Motorcycle Traffic

May motorcycle traffic

As always, a big banks to all my  custom motorcycle enthusiast! coming up soon we have a few mechanical how to repair videos as well as a nether video on the West Coast Thunder Southern California motorcycle ride and by night at the El Cajon Classic Cruise with just occurred last Wednesday evening. Read more »


S&S Motorcycle Engine

S&S Motorcycle Engine Cutaway in Motion

Not the most exciting thing to watch but for those who are interested, you can’t get much of a closer look at what is going on inside an S&S motorcycle V- twin engine.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of motorcycles with the S&S engine. I think the S&S engine is the best made V-Twin engine around. Actually, I’m always amazed by seeing people who build one-off custom bikes who end up putting in a foreign manufactured V-Twin engine. They put out all that effort, time, and money to build a very unique motorcycle and yet they skimped when it came to the engine! Read more »


West Coast Thunder motorcycle ride 360 video

West Coast Thunder motorcycle ride 360 video

The West Coast Thunder motorcycle ride is an annual event  that occurs on each Memorial Day. It’s estimated that there were over 7500 motorcycles participating in this ride and show of respect for our veterans who lost their life defending our liberty!

This 360° video was shot with the Samsung Gear 360° camera in 4K resolution. For best viewing, you should change the resolution in the tab that’s under the video to 4K and then increase it to full screen playback. If you don’t have a 4K television or computer, or your computer is not fast enough to handle all the data in this video, and you experience buffering, you should decrease the resolution down to 1080 or less so the video runs smoothly. Read more »


OCC Custom Themed Chopper

Custom Themed Chopper

Well, first let me say I always like to watch videos that show the custom construction of motorcycles. But, now with that said,  this bike in the video and the other corporate bikes that they make really look pretty ugly to me.

Over time the choppers became more and more about achieving a certain look, rather than being primarily performance oriented modifications. The modifications that had had their origin in hot-rodding evolved into an artistic and aesthetic direction. By the mid 1970s stock Japanese and European performance motorcycles would outperform most bobbers and choppers. The one exception to this was the drag racing arena, which placed a premium on pure engine power, rather than handling over curvy courses. Chopper styling continued to be influenced by drag-bike modifications throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Read more »


West Coast Choppers Jesse James

West Coast Choppers – Custom Chopper Builder Jesse James

Jesse James is a bad boy — both literally and figuratively. He’s a tattooed, thrill-seeking, motorcycle enthusiast who perfectly encapsulates a certain “outlaw” archetype, especially with his name. But he’s also engaged in actual bad behavior, from petty crime as a youth to cheating on America’s sweetheart, and even assaulting paparazzi, which he freely and gleefully admits. So it’s no surprise that he was bound to flame out hard.

When the scandal over his infidelities reached a fever pitch, James not only walked away from his lucrative TV projects, he also shut down his legendary West Coast Choppers garage in Long Beach, California and left the state for good. Aside from a few interviews and the release of a tell-all book, he’s basically been a ghost since then. Here’s what happened to Jesse James…

The scandal that started it all | 0:48
The “Nazi stripper” who wouldn’t go away | 1:38
Accusations of racism | 2:52
Packing it up | 3:41
More cheating scandals | 4:26
A new career path | 5:21
Another marriage | 5:55 Read more »


Motorcycle Crash and Burn

Motorcycle Crash and Burn

Not sure what really happened to cvause this crash. Sure seems like he was going very fast, but, he roads are as wide as hell you can see the corners coming from a miles away it just doesn’t make sense. It was a smooth corner, did then rider just zone out or hallucinate and not realize there was a turn?

Well, how many times have we heard people use the phrase crash and burn? Unfortunately, this motorcycle accident is exactly that . . . A crash and burn!

One thing is for certain here, this motorcycle accident could have been much much worse if not for the fact that another motorcyclist pulled the rider away from the burning bike and shrubbery. To me, it looks like the accident rider was in no condition to get away from the bike in the flames which would’ve resulted in certain horrible death.

I don’t know what the outcome to this accident was at least as far as the motorcycle riders injuries. But, I believe he was extraordinarily fortunate to have other motorcycle riders right there. Read more »


Memorial Day 2017

Great Memorial Day Speech by President Ronald Reagan

When I hear “Make America Great Again”… This is what I think about.


Sad to say many of our youth have been taught that America has NOT been great. They are being taught by the Progressives that WE are the problem with the world.

Parents, it is up to YOU to deprogram what the Public Education system has taught AND NOT TAUGHT your kids. Watch the History channel with them. Make it a special night with special food or desserts. Tell them about WW2, who was involved and WHY we stayed out for so long. If history is continued to be rewritten by the Progressives… YOUR kids will not live free!!!!!

Memorial Day motorcycle ride Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day motorcycle ride

Memorial Day 2017


Harley-Davidson stunt riders 360 video

California Harley-Davidson stunt riders 360 video taken in San Marcos Ca.

Harley-Davidson stunt riders 360 video -This video was made with the Samsung Gear 360° camera. the original format is in 4K and it set up for viewing with virtual-reality goggles. But, the original file was saved to my Samsung S7 phone where it was automatically stitched together into the format you see below.

So, by using your cursor or the directional arrows in the upper left-hand corner of the video, you can watch a motorcycle that starts off to the left of the camera and then slowly pan the video to the right to keep that motorcycle in frame as its traveling.  you can also use the directional arrows to look behind you as well as up and down as the video is playing.


This camera also takes still pictures in 360°. You can set the camera up on a tripod, and then use your Samsung phone to either activate the video or to take a still photo. personally, I believe this Samsung year 360 camera is one of the best 360° affordable cameras on the market today.  This is the ideal tool for Realtor to present the perspective buyer with a virtual tour of the property, without having to leave the real estate office. Read more »


Harley Electric Motorcycle

Confirmed a new Harley electric motorcycle

Well, it’s been a little over two years since Harley announced and debuted it’s Project Livewire electric motorcycle. At that time, and just up to a few weeks ago, Harley-Davison had stated that it was a concept motorcycle. Now, Harley-Davison has just announced that they will definitively be producing an electric motorcycle. What is still up in the air though, is exactly when the general public will see this electric Harley added to their production bikes.

I’m sure most riders and the general public for that matter, think that  an electric motorcycle is a new concept but actually the first electric motorcycle was patented in the United States in 1897! Bill Davidson the great grandson of William Davidson, the founder of Harley-Davidson  stated recently, that just like their gas powered motorcycles have a very unique sound, they’re working to make their electric motorcycle to have a unique sound that will be totally different than their competitors. Naturally, it’s not going to sound like our current gas powered Harleys, but more like a jet turbine engine! Read more »


American Ironhorse Tejas Model

American Ironhorse Tejas Model

When new, this moidel sold for approximately $28,995. Don’t get too excited, American Ironhorse went out of business in 2008. Because most of their bikes look like one off custom machines, they still remain in high demand in the resale market. I believe a huge factor in their continued high demand, besides their ultra-cool look, was the fact that they chose the American-made S&S engine to power all their motorcycles. Many other motorcycle manufacturers and custom builders went with imported V-twin engines, that most bikers consider way inferior when compared to the S&S engine.

This bike like most of the American Ironhorse line, came standard with the 111-inch S&S engine. AIH offered two other options: a 117-inch ($1,000) or a 124-inch ($2,000) motor. American Ironhorse opened for business in 1995. American Ironhorse was the largest factory producer of custom motorcycles in the United States until production ended in 2008. Read more »