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ABOUT – San Diego Custom Choppers

With my own casual observations, I believe that custom choppers are perhaps just about 1% of the motorcycle riding community.

We are that 1%!

Like myself,  I think all custom chopper owners have a great appreciation for art, as it applies to custom metal work, mechanical ingenuity and bringing all these things together with custom paint to create real eye candy! But, unlike normal art appreciation, these custom motorcycles offer their type A personality owners the unique opportunity to become part of the media itself!

If you’re reading this and do not comprehend the fact that when operating one of these high-powered machines, it’s not so much about the destination as it is the journey, just bask in the fact that your Prius gets much better gas mileage than one of these choppers.

I’ve been into custom choppers for most of my life. Back in the 60’s I was the proud owner of this Harley chopper:

 my-orig-show-bike-300x167 image


If you’re interested in joining with us for some local rides, send an e-mail to:

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  1. Just love the idea of those four exhaust pipes coming up alongside a sissy bar!

  2. Tom Mueller
    Jul 30 2013

    You missed a good ride on Sunday

  3. Aug 17 2013

    HI —

    You post some interesting photos and links …

    Can I share them on my client’s FB page, or are they copyright?

    Would love to share some of your content, with attribution, if I could.

    R. Hurwitz

    • biker1
      Aug 17 2013

      Rhonda, thanks for the inquiry. Only the Youtube videos may be shared. I would get the direct codes from the share button under each video. Our Youtube channel is:

  4. Randy Beecher
    Nov 20 2013

    I’m looking for a passenger backrest for my Victory Ness jackpot. Dealer has nothing. Does anyone local customize?

  5. Jan 30 2014

    Thanks for this outstanding motorcycle blog!

  6. Thanks for this informative and fun motorcycle blog!

  7. Jul 15 2014

    Hope to get my first motorcycle in the next few months!

  8. Jul 20 2014

    Love this motorcycle blog . . . keep the posts coming!

  9. Pete Barber
    Feb 1 2015

    the rides are amazing…


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