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July 16, 2017


San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn

by biker1

San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn

This is a real motorcycle crash and burn on the freeway. This motorcycle accident happened while going north on Highway 805 just before the 805 and 15 split, at about  9:30 AM.

The story is if you watch my shadow I lean left to move over lanes because the VW Golf is going about 40-45 MPH and without using his indicator he starts to move over as well. So I lean right to get back into my lane, but the guy does the same thing. I let go of my throttle and all I could do is slam my brakes and hope for best. SKIP TO 2:20 in the video if you just want to see the crash.

San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn

San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn - San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn

I know it could of been avoided maybe if I had slowed down earlier, but it would not have happened if the person used his indicator to switch lanes. When I saw him moving left I immediately leaned right and he slowed down even more and moved back into his lane. This video is sped up understand that and it is legal to lane split.

Comments on the motorcycle riders version of the crash above:

Lane splitting is not permitted over 39 mph Here are the California Highway Patrol’s guidelines regarding how to split lanes safely: • Ride between cars only if there is room and at >> no more than 10 mph faster << than the vehicles you are passing. • Do not attempt the maneuver at full freeway speeds or in any traffic going >> 30 mph << or faster. The fastest a motorcyclist should be going, based on that guideline while lane-splitting, is >> 39 mph. << • Typically, it is safer to split between lanes one and two than other lanes. • Consider the total environment in which you are splitting, including the width of the lanes, size of surrounding vehicles, as well as roadway, weather, and lighting conditions. • Be alert and anticipate possible movements by other road users. • Law enforcement officers can use their discretion to determine if a motorcyclist is lane-splitting unsafely and issue a citation.
 There are guidelines on lane splitting in California for a reason. You should reconsider how you ride on the freeway, especially without any safety gear on.
You sir are a complete idiot. The cross sign won’t help you. Do you really think Jesus will protect you while you break the law and take everyone’s life around you into your hands with your weapon? You deserve what is coming to you, which will certainly be a spectacular death with parts of you scattered all over the highway. If I had witnessed this I would make sure you were prosecuted to the full extent of the law before you have the opportunity to take someone else’s life with your actions. Had I been there with my child in the car I would certainly have done everything in my power to assure that you could not put my child in harms way again. And I ride a motorcycle. Get a clue and grow up and learn some responsibility. Jesus loves you.
If you can’t understand how this accident is your fault, then sadly you can’t learn from it and are doomed to repeat it again. You’re riding too fast and aggressive in the slow lane, and the person in front of you has right of way. If you weren’t splitting so fast, you would have had enough time to react to his lane change.
According to the CMSP-CHP, motorcycle drivers should take the following precautions:
  1. Do not travel more than 10MPH faster than other traffic. This allows a motorcyclist enough time to react in a hazardous situation.
  2. Only attempt lane splitting when traffic is moving below 30 MPH. As speed increases, crash severity increases.
  3. It is safest to lane split between the #1 and #2 lanes. Other drivers expect to see a motorcycle between the lanes furthest to the left. This also keeps you clear of on-ramps and exits.
  4. Consider all of your surroundings before lane splitting. Take note of the lane width, current traffic, and know the limitations of your motorcycle (wide bars, bags, etc). If visibility is poor, you increase your risk for a motorcycle accident.
  5. Be alert and anticipate possible movements by other road users. Be aware of what other cars are doing around you – beware of vehicle lane changing and blind spots. Riders are not advised to weave back and forth between lanes or ride on top of the line.

California motorcycle lane splitting genral gudelines.


San Diego Motorcycle Crash and Burn





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  1. Jul 20 2017

    Glad you’re ok and sorry for the incident. But learn to ride correctly.
    -Too fast
    -And no, the other dude wasn’t changing lanes. Watched it 4 times.


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