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July 31, 2017

DIY Motorcycle Drive Belt Tension

by biker1

Checking motorcycle drive belt tension deflection.

Regularly inspecting the drive belt and ensuring it has the correct amount of deflection is important to the life of the belt and also to the other drive train components on your motorcycle.

Most motorcycle final drive belts are designed to require minimal maintenance and adjustment but to also last a very long time. These belts typically last much longer than any chain drive and if properly cared for and maintained can last the lifetime of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Drive Belt Tension

Motorcycle Drive Belt TensionMotorcycle belt tension check and adjustment is simple to do and you can do it in under a minute. This motorcycle belt tension video is demonstrated on a Big Dog motorcycle. But the technique is the same for almost any motorcycle out there.

Harley recommends that you buy a special tool to check the drive belt tension on your motorcycle. as you’ll see this is a very simple adjustment to make, but also a very important one if you want to extend the life of your drive belt and excess wear on your wheel pulley.

In this video Curtis will show you how to inspect your belt and also what to look for when doing so. Having a belt tension gauge is critical to accurately reading the deflection and making sure it’s properly adjusted. You’ll also need a service manual for directions and steps specific to your own bike.

Wild Steed WorxMy thanks to Curtis of Wild Steed Worx in Valley Ctr., California ( for his time in giving a clear explanation and demonstration of how to check the tension adjustment of a motorcycle drive belt.

Naturally, prior to making any adjustments or modifications on your motorcycle, it would be prudent to first check your motorcycle’s manual so you can see the amount of drive belt deflection that is recommended for your particular model motorcycle and the manufacturers recommended adjustment procedures.

mototcycle model

**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on a motorcycle. Manuals can be found at the dealer and online.**

for further information about motorcycle components, visit Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.




Motorcycle Drive Belt Tension


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