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April 23, 2017


How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks

by biker1

How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks

 DIY motorcycle cylinder oil leak repair

Easy fix for motorcycle engine oil leaks. This simple, inexpensive and fast motorcycle engine oil leak repair is definitely something you should consider doing if you can’t bring your bike into a motorcycle mechanic for gasket replacements.

Yes, for just a few bucks  you may be able to stop that small annoying motorcycle engine oil drip. Naturally, you should understand that this exterior repair will most likely just be temporary. How long this repair will last in time or mileageis impossible to say since each motorcycle engine is quite different and each oil leak is also not standard.

How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks

American Ironhorse Texas Chopper

So, what I’m showing here as far as how to fix a motorcycle engine oil leak, is what I tried on my own motorcycle which has an S&S 111 the twin engine. So far, it seems to have stopped my original minor oil leak completely. Keep in mind, that I’ve only tested it for a couple days and the longest ride I had was 30 miles of both highway and local street riding.

How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks    motorcycle oil leak

So I’m only recommending this idea, as a temporary fix. Just like anything else, if you want it done right, it is usually only one way to do it! Now, as far as engine cylinder gasket leaks go, the only one way to really fix them is to install new gaskets!

motorcycle oil leak repair    How to fix motorcycle engine oil leaks

Now, if you are doing both cylinders which I would definitely recommend if the bike is over 10 years old, you should calculate about six hours or so for a professional motorcycle mechanic to do the gasket replacements. For replacing all the gaskets in both of your cylinders,  including parts and labor, well at least on an S&S motorcycle engine, you should anticipate a repair bill anywhere from $500-$650.

motorcycle oil leak sealant

How to fix  motorcycle engine oil leaks


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  1. Apr 23 2017

    Nice Bike! Thanks for the info on the gasket fix … I have a small leak in the same location.

    Hope it will work for me.



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