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August 11, 2017

S&S Cycle Engine Assembly

by biker1

S&S Cycle Engine Assembly

In this video, Wally Cahill asks S&S engine assembly supervisor Travis Egge how the S&S motorcycle performance engines are put together and end-of-line tested.

All S&S T-Series engines have gear drive cams. The cranks are three piece with the mainshafts forged on to the flywheels. There are only two joints where the crankpin is pressed into the flywheels. Check out this video series about our flywheels. S&S crankcases use Timken bearings on the sprocket shaft. The inner cam bearings are full complement straight roller bearings (no spacers) made by Torrington. The outer bearings are ball bearings because of the close tolerance required by the gear drive cams.

S&S Cycle Engine Assembly

Big Dog S&S motor S&S 117ci motor  S&S Cycle Engine Assembly

Big Dog motorcycle S&S 117 engine

My 2006 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper motorcycle has a 111 S&S engine. actually, I believe that all the American Ironhorse bikes came with S&S engines, the same is true for the Big Dog line of motorcycles. Since I’ve owned a couple of K9 Big Dog motorcycles, I can say that they all came with 117 S&S engines.

American Ironhorse Texas Chopper

The American Ironhorse motorcycles came standard with the S&S 111 engine. You had the option to upgrade to the 117 S&S, or at that time, their largest engine the 124 S&S V twin.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

S&S was the first motorcycle engine manufacturer to produce pre-certified United States Environmental Protection Agency compliant engines,[7] lifting the burden and cost of performing the complicated EPA testing procedures from the companies and enthusiasts who buy S&S engines. The company also produces TÜV certified engines,[8] and has even succeeded in complying with California’s unique emissions requirements.[9] S&S is the only motorcycle company in the world to manufacture Knucklehead, Shovelhead, Panhead, Evolution-style engines and Twin-cam style engines. S&S manufactures the largest (143 cu. in.) engine to fit a stock Harley-Davidson frame.







S&S Cycle Engine Assembly


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