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August 27, 2017

Custom Chopper Motorcycle

by Laura B.

Good Looking Custom Chopper Motorcycle

This is a great video for custom chopper motorcycle enthusiast. There is absolutely no narration, just a lot of good-looking custom chopper motorcycles!

Currently, here in the United States,, the chopper motorcycle look as stated in popularity and been replaced by the ‘bagger’ motorcycle. The bagger style motorcycle usually refers to a Harley or other large motorcycle that has saddlebags. Usually, a chopper motorcycle enthusiast wouldn’t be caught dead on one of these baggers! but, I bet the same could be true for a bagger motorcycle enthusiast  attitude toward the chopper motorcycle.

custom chopper motorcycle

Ironhorse motorcycles  Custom Chopper Motorcycle

Personally, I don’t think it’s that important what style of motorcycle your ride because I think riding a motorcycle, well I should rephrase that writing a large displacement motorcycle, is awarded part from driving an automobile. I’ve been into Or motorcycles for over 40 years. I guess I just like to see them non-cluttered high performance look of a chopper. All the gauges ( my first custom chopper did not even have a speedometer or front brake), audio speakers, windshields, crash bars and luggage racks all clutter up the look of the basic motorcycle.

Ironhorse Texas Chopper  Custom Chopper Motorcycle

My 1st. 2004 Ironhorse Texas Chopper motorcycle

I think it’s gotten so far out there, with the heated seats GPS displays and cellular phone hookups, that I just don’t understand why a motorcycle rider who really wanted all those things would not just go out and buy an automobile. Another factor to consider here is that a brand-new Harley Davison full dress bike will fall the bells and whistles is definitely going to set you back somewhere in the mid $30,000 range! If you think about it, this kind of money can buy you a really nice new,, good-looking Mustang or a unmade the high range automobile.

Big Dog K9 motorcycle  Custom Chopper Motorcycle

Now, don’t get me wrong I sure understand that there is a tremendous advantage on long trips with having a set of saddlebags. I just think that one gives up  too much in the way of looks and performance for long ride convenience.

Texas Chopper motorcycle  Custom Chopper Motorcycle

But, I guess like they say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. For me, real motorcycle beauty is a stretched bike with a high power of the twin engine and naturally a thin front wheel combined with a 280 or 330 fat rear tire!

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custom chopper motorcycle




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